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Show Pomeranians

The global Pomeranian list for serious Pomeranian Fanciers.
A truly International Group of dedicated Pomeranian lovers from all corners of the globe.

This list is open to exhibitors /handlers and breeders of this delightful breed worldwide.

All members of Show Pomeranians are united by their genuine love of the Pomeranian breed.

 Our goal is to promote our wonderful breed in a responsible manner, help newcomers & "oldies " by sharing of knowledge, share helpful hints,brags, photos, pedigrees and much more with your Pomeranian friends worldwide.

Show Pomeranians is the place to have all your Pomeranian queries answered.
Posting details of Pomeranians or Pomeranian related items for sale is o.k.

The list is restricted to serious fanciers of the breed. Puppy Millers will not be accepted. Flaming will not be tolerated.No cross posting allowed unless permission has been given by the list owner and the original emailer has given written permision to do so.

When applying to join this list, please send an email to poms[at]poms.cc [ protected from spammers please change the "[at]" to @]and tell me a little about yourself and your Pomeranians.

When applying to join ShowPomeranians please ensure that you INCLUDE your NAME {including SURNAME }, KENNEL NAME, LOCATION & WEBSITE .

Applications without these details will be deleted.

Applications will be denied after 48 hours if no reply is received to our application email.

Thanks so much and hope you can join us.